Daily Archive: February 6, 2012


Our Unlovable Constitution

A new study by David S. Law and Mila Versteeg concludes that the world’s democracies are no longer emulating the U.S. Constitution, and are instead resorting to other templates that guarantee more “generic building...


Pull Up a Chair Y’all

Hey Gents! Not to toot our horn, but toot toot.  Check out #3 on this Zagat guide of “Awesome Food Getaways”.      


Madonna: Always Relevant

Seeing as I disliked both teams in The Big Game equally, I was unusually interested in the halftime show this year. I am not a terribly big fan of Madonna’s, but I’ve always appreciated...


At My Real Job: What Is Due Process?

The U.S. Constitution is full of terms of art — short legal phrases with deep implications and even deeper historical roots. One such phrase is the Fifth Amendment’s guarantee that no one will be...