Where’s TVD?

Tom Van Dyke

Tom Van Dyke, businessman, musician, bon vivant and game-show champ (The Joker's Wild, and Win Ben Stein's Money), knows lots of stuff, although not quite everything yet. A past inactive to The American Spectator Online, the late great Reform Club blog, and currently on religion and the American Founding at American Creation, TVD continues to write on matters of both great and small importance from his ranch type style tract house high on a hill above Los Angeles.

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40 Responses

  1. wardsmith says:

    Wow Tom, welcome back! I was worried about you (and hopefully I wasn’t the only one). 😉

    When the pain meds wear off you can adjust the img src so the right side bleed off doesn’t happen (don’t know the precise number, I’m guessing about 498 width). Or Patrick can do it. Some here are going to think in their little heart of hearts that Kharma did you the deed on the ice, but I’ll just chalk it up to the trials of Job. 🙂Report

  2. Burt Likko says:

    I just got through a lot of time in a hospital myself. Must be contagious.

    I’m very glad you’re OK and back here in Los Angeles where you belong.Report

    • Michael Drew in reply to Burt Likko says:

      John Cole’s father went into the hospital with a mild heart attack yesterday.  Bad times. Best to your family as well, Burt – I hadn’t taken the time to say so yet.Report

  3. Fish says:

    Oog.  That looks brutal.  Hope everything knits up quickly.Report

  4. Jaybird says:

    We missed you, my man. It is good that you are here.

    Now don’t do that ever again.Report

  5. BSK says:

    Good to hear you are well. Though we have had our share of wars of words, I never wished you anything but the best. Here’s to a speedy and full recovery!Report

  6. Michael Drew says:

    Glad to hear you’re okay or getting there, Tom!  Welcome back.Report

  7. Murali says:

    Mr Van Dyke, sorry to see that you were hurt. Its good to know that you’re better. It’s also good to see you back. Was worried that you had left for other pastures and wondering “should I have gotten TVD’s back more?”

    Anyways, this brings up 2 issues.

    First the minor stuff. Do the plates really set off metal detectors? Cause I’ve got stuff done on my jaw and they used titanium for that, which of course doesn’t set off detectors.

    For the heavy stuff. Given Mr Van Dyke’s near miss. Perhaps we should have someone in RL contact you guys if anything final does happen to us. (knock wood)Report

  8. Patrick Cahalan says:

    That must have been a less than enjoyable vacation.  I figured you were just taking time away from the computer during the travels.

    Good to hear from you; sorry your circumstances were terrible.  At least the Guinness is to cheer.Report

  9. Tod Kelly says:

    I am feeling quite torn. On the one hand, I am sorry for the whole leg thing. It looks unbeleivably painful and awful.

    But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t mostly – quite selfishly – sooooo happy to see you back. I missed you a lot, dude.Report

  10. b-psycho says:

    Opiates are goooooooooooooooood.  I was on that shrimp when the big-C fished-up my arm, and I pushed the pain button at the time like I was playing Press Your Luck.

    I remember an episode of Dr 90210 E! was showing where some chick was talking about how good that shrimp was pre-boob-enhancement.  At the time I laughed, but I now understand.

    +…fish it I lost count.Report

  11. Here’s hoping for a speedy and complete recovery.Report

  12. Tom, it’s good to hear from you. I’m glad you’re alright. You got a body cast for that thing?Report

  13. BlaiseP says:

    Well, thank goodness this is 2012 and not 1912, when such an operation was in the distant future.  Orthopedic surgery has made such huge advances.  Doesn’t make you any less miserable I suppose, but it is a happy thought, that you’ll walk again, and soon.

    I’ll pray for you.   Don’t know why I still pray yet I do.   Just got finished praying before I sat down to check this box.   Kukai the monk said all contemplating beings inhabit the same frame and become a united mind in that effort.   Often think blogging and commenting is a sort of meditation.   We may be just a collection of mortal men and women, beset with our little problems, in your case a rather large and painful problem, but we are somehow united in this.   Your suffering becomes our suffering, my suffering.   May the will of God be done on earth as in heaven.  May you find relief from your pain and some small comfort in these words.


  14. mark boggs says:

    This is probably the only way winter will ever get a chance to come to LA; parasitically implanted in your leg.  Good to hear your pieces are all back together.Report

  15. James Hanley says:

    Southern Californians and ice are a bad combination, unless we’re talking about drinking margaritas.

    Seriously, though, I’m sorry to hear this, Tom.  And the femur, too, not just the fibula?  That’s double the misfortune, or even more.  I hope your recovery goes both smoothly and quickly.


  16. Michelle says:

    Ouch! Sorry about your injury. Sending good wishes for a speedy recovery.Report

  17. Mary says:

    My girlfriend had a similar experience last week. Broke her ankle and a rib.

    Get well soon! 🙂Report

  18. Kyle Cupp says:

    Ouch, Dude! Very ouch!Report

  19. I’m sorry to hear you went through this, but I wish you good luck and good health!Report

  20. Chris says:

    Hoping for a quick and complete recovery.Report

  21. North says:

    By gum, Tom, that’s awful but I’m glad you’re on the mend.Report

  22. Rufus F. says:

    What I like about Guinness is that it’s like a beer and a meal at once. L.A. also seems like a good place to heal- what I wouldn’t give for that sun right now. Get well soon!Report

  23. mac says:

    Ouch, that’s 7 years’ worth of bad luck. I busted a leg skiing recklessly one time and it wasn’t nearly so bad.Report

  24. Robert Cheeks says:

    Hey, I’ll bet you’re glad Obama-commiecare hasn’t kicked in yet?

    You busted your legs not your arms, fingers, or hands?  If you’d have written under the influence of drugs we might have considered you moved over to THEIR side?Report

  25. Tom Van Dyke says:

    Thx for the kind wishes, everybody.  I feel better already.Report

  26. Sam says:

    Rub some dirt on kid. Get back out there.Report

  27. Kim says:

    … why philly? It’s not even best in the state, in terms of medicine…Report

  28. Glad to hear you are well – I confess I was starting to worry about you, only to find out that you were practically in my backyard.Report

  29. Jason Kuznicki says:

    Late to the party, I see.  But I’m glad you’re on the mend.Report

  30. kenB says:

    Belated sympathies and a hearty Welcome Back.Report

  31. David Ryan says:

    Sorry to hear about your fall, Tom, but glad to hear it’s (at least somewhat) repairable. Your circumspection about the whole event is admirable.