Daily Archive: February 2, 2012


More Help Wanted

The glamour and excitement of boat-building. What I didn’t know is that our fearless leader Erik Kain had cited some research from Media Matters and the author of said research saw my (what I...


Look, Ma… I’m a Terrorist!

The FBI guidelines for spotting suspicious activity in an Internet Cafe: Are overly concerned about privacy, attempts to shield the screen from view of others Check! Always pay cash or use credit card(s) in...


On Preference, Briefly

~by Sam Wilkinson I found plenty of reasons to disagree with Charles Murray’s “How Thick Is Your Bubble?” quiz. I made my arguments in two ongoing threads discussing the quiz, its meaning, its construction,...


Talking About Class

The other day, J.L. Wall asked in his post:  Can we really talk honestly and effectively about growing divisions between the top and the bottom without taking the middle half into account, too?   I left a...

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