A Dialogue About Hunting

Mike Dwyer

Mike Dwyer is a former writer and contributor at Ordinary Times.

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3 Responses

  1. Jeff Wong says:

    Cool interview. Thanks for sharing. A nice, thoughtful discussion. I think I’ll check out Rinella’s show.Report

  2. Sam M says:

    Cool stuff. I live in a place where a lot of people hunt. My twin boys are six. I feel compelled to take it up again so I can share it with them.

    In the meantime, did you see this? Originally appeared in the NYT, reprinted here in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:


    It’s about a guy explaining why he took up hunting and why he chose a flintlock. Something about really wanting to challenge himself. Etc. Only… the opening scene features him gut-shotting a doe. I am sure the doe appreciated his reasons, but I suspect she would have preferred a well-placed 160 grain from a 30-30.


    • Mike Dwyer in reply to Sam M says:

      Sam – I did read that article (a friend passed it along to me a while back). I appreciate the author’s intent, but yeah, I don’t see the logic behind hunting with flintlocks today. Beautiful guns and accurate IF you practice a LOT. They aren’t forgiving to the casual marksman.Report