Broncos/Patriots Open Thread


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38 Responses

  1. Jaybird says:

    For the record, I hope the Denver Tebows beat Tom Brady so bad that the entire internet gets into an argument over whether Focus on the Family should be prevented from buying commercials during the Superbowl.Report

  2. Christopher Carr says:

    My favorite version of The Song:

  3. Chris says:

    Shouldn’t this be part of the “Burden of Proof” thread?Report

  4. dexter says:

    For the record, I hope Brady passes for 666 yards and the final score is 66 to 6.  I hope the Pats get 6 sacks, 6 interceptions, and have 6 different backs with 66 yard runs.  The reason I hope this is because I am so tired of hearing about that man who gets 66 pounds of ink for every 6 accomplishments. 

     One time I was in the DMV getting my license renewed  and the lady in front of me got a plate that read BST666.  I wondered if one could refuse it.  I would have tried because I think the fundies would throw rocks at my truck and the devil worshippers would steal it. 


  5. I’m just glad my home town is in the news.Report

  6. JBaldwin says:

    The Patriots are 13-3 having beaten NO team with a winning record (look it up). The Broncos are now 9-8 with the win over Pittsburgh. Not saying it will happen, but it could: Denver 23-20 over Pats.Report

    • Tod Kelly in reply to JBaldwin says:

      Um…  You remember that one of those 13 wins came by b**ch slapping those same Broncs, yes?Report

      • Tod Kelly in reply to Tod Kelly says:

        Not that I’m not going to be rooting for them (I do love an underdog), but the argument “The Broncos are better because the only teams the Pats could beat this year were loser doormats like the Broncos” seems a bit self-defeating.Report

        • JBaldwin in reply to Tod Kelly says:

          I never said Denver was better than New England. I said NE isn’t a very good team and could get beat. For example, NE lost to Buffalo and beat Buffalo this year. Denver lost to Buffalo and New England but beat a Pittsburgh team that beat NE. So to repeat myself, while channeling Henry Fonda in 12the Angry Men, it’s possible.Report

      • wardsmith in reply to Tod Kelly says:

        That win by the Patriots came against an abysmal Broncos defense. I think Tebow could have played against that same Broncos defense and scored 65 points. For a change the “D” held up slightly against the Steelers. Will be interesting to see how they manage this time against the Pats.Report

  7. Robert Cheeks says:

    Tebow wins in the last second, gets on both knees and recites the Lord’s Prayer, those holy words reverberating around the stadium even though he has no mike!

    Tebow wins no-matter who wins.Report

  8. BSK says:

    Denver covers but loses. Broncos will move the ball on the Pats, but will have more failed possessions and stalled drives.Report

  9. In the battle between JC’s buddy comedy best friend and Gisele’s husband, I am afraid I need to go with Gisele’s husband. Gisele has demonstrably a thousand times more power over Man than JC.Report

  10. Patrick Cahalan says:

    Go New York Football Giants!

    Go Niners!Report

  11. James Hanley says:

    Tebow will be sacked 4 times, fumbling away the ball twice, and will have two interceptions.  Tom Brady (whom I don’t love, but do admire) will once again demonstrate how a model quarterback plays.

    The real difference will be that the Broncos are on the road (as they would have been against Pittsburgh, if there was any sense in the NFL’s seedings), and that a lot more guys on NE have been here before, compared to the Broncos.Report

  12. Michelle says:

    For the record, I’ve hated the Broncos ever since the smug Elway was their QB. I hope New England wipes their collective ass with the Broncos.Report

  13. Michael Cain says:

    What I’ve enjoyed most watching this all develop is the way the Denver coaching staff has kept finding new things the offense can do to stay in the games and make the miracle finishes possible.  And done it with a second-year option quarterback, a retread running back, and a group of quite-young receivers.Report

  14. Steve S. says:

    Everything happens for a reason. When Denver ekes out an improbable win it’s for a reason. When they get remorselessly probed it’s for a reason.Report

  15. Jaybird says:

    Well *THAT* sucked.Report

  16. Fish says:

    Heh heh.  How did I not see this yesterday?  Anyway, after the game was over I made a comment on a post by a friend from high school about how I was glad Tebowmania was over for a while, doing my best to follow rule #1 (don’t be a dick).  A few minutes later I get the following from a guy my older sister’s age who saw my post:

    “Hey [fish]nut, I’m in Colorado too and enjoy watching them play. If I remember right, you were a skinny little nerd who didn’t even play sports, but you like to shoot your mouth off like most non-athletes. Keep it up chump!”

    I exchanged a few messages with him because I just couldn’t resist (clearly an indicator that I may be suffering from SIWOTI Syndrome).

    The sweet, sweet, delicious irony here is that I had just returned from a soccer game (we won) and was still wearing my kit.  And I consider “nerd” to be a compliment.  And I guess that, as I get older and slower, I should consider “skinny” to be a compliment, too.Report