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Ryan Noonan

Ryan Noonan is an economist with a small federal agency. Fields in which he considers himself reasonably well-informed: literature, college athletics, video games, food and beverage, the Supreme Court. Fields in which he considers himself an expert: none. He can be found on the Twitter or reached by email.

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51 Responses

  1. Avatar Kim says:

    Me? I like ouzo. (though a dark rum, or a clean vodka are pretty nice too). Haven’t ever tried bourbon…Report

  2. Avatar Jason Kuznicki says:

    Gin.  That is all.

    And yes, you can have barrel-aged gin if you insist.Report

  3. Avatar North says:


    Yay Tim!!! Maître de of one of the very few virtuous reality TV shows.Report

  4. Pappy. The be all and end all.  Well-played, sir.  Well-played.Report

    • Avatar Ryan Bonneville says:

      I was out for my birthday last month – at Bourbon in Adams Morgan, if any of you are DCers and looking to share a drink sometime – and I attempted to order a couple different Willetts that turned out to be empty. The bartender, either in frustration or (one hopes) recognizing a good eye, went away for a few minutes and came back with Pappy. It was only the 15 year, but it was still one of the best birthday presents a boy could ask for.Report

  5. Avatar BlaiseP says:

    Booze, like music, is sometimes an antidote, sometimes an anodyne.   There must be a measure of appropriateness to these things.

    In Phoenix, an arid land, where the afternoon sunlight strikes a man’s forehead like a two by four, nothing was quite so fitting as good gin and quinine water.   Oh we went through beer like water, Fat Tire and various red ales, weissbier figured large, but beer is fundamentally Bavarian style bread, a nutriment and therefore irrelevant to this discussion.

    Of late, I have taken to Kraken Rum.  But this is a frosty clime, where a man is subject to long stretches of filthy confinement behind frost-rimed windows, going out only to give the Husky Dog an excuse for all that fur, that, and to lay dog eggs in the snow.   After such an excursion, the restorative effects of Kraken spiced rum are nonpareil.Report

    • Avatar Michelle says:

      The way you describe it surely makes me want to try some.Report

    • Avatar Meaghan says:

      Love Kraken! My first taste was at a pirate fest; a great place for rum.Report

    • Avatar Kim says:

      only german beer is bread. ale is mere cleansed water, and a spanish beer is entirely different as well.Report

      • Avatar Jason Kuznicki says:

        I see you know nothing about beer, either.

        “Ale” denotes a very large subtype of yeasts and all of the many, many, many beers that are brewed with them.  Ales include everything from India pale ales to Belgian abbey ales to Scotch ales to — technically — stouts.

        Most ale styles are stronger, more strongly flavored, and higher in calories than most lager styles.  There are certainly exceptions, including triple bocks and imperial Pilsners, but if any category of beer counts as “mere cleansed water,” it’s certainly not the ales.



  6. Avatar James Hanley says:

    I haven’t had the Pappy’s, but I do like Buffalo Trace.  Blanton’s is good, too.  For the budget-conscious connoisseur, Eagle Rare is very nice as well.  (And of course my old standby, Knob Creek.)Report

    • Avatar Ryan Bonneville says:

      Eagle Rare is an absolute steal at its price point. My everyday or go-to bourbons are Maker’s, Bulleit, and Four Roses.Report

      • Avatar James Hanley says:

        I used to drink Makers (and still happily would, if offered some), but haven’t bought it in a long time.  I haven’t tried Bulleit or Four Roses, but I’m making a list and will be exploring.

        And I hope this isn’t a faux pax, but I also like Wild Turkey (86 proof, in the 101 the alcohol overpowers the taste, imo).Report

        • Avatar Ryan Bonneville says:

          Bulleit’s rye is a particular favorite, although the bourbon is also very good.

          I have two good friends who refer to the Wild Turkey American Honey as “Nightmare Fuel”. My experience with it has been less a nightmare and more the following:

          “Oh, wow, this tastes kind of like candy. I would like some more.”

          *10 hours later*

          “Where am I, and how many people have I killed?”Report

          • Avatar James Hanley says:

            I thought the American Honey concept sounded fantastic, so I eagerly bought it only to find that on my tongue it tastes utterly revolting.  Not candylike, but bitter and oily.  Perhaps I’m lucky and my tastebuds were doing me a favor.

            “Where am I, and how many people have I killed?”

            That’s my experience with Jagermeister.  That’s the one thing in this world that tempts me to believe in demons.  No human could ever have concocted such an evil potion.Report

          • Woodford Reserve is the preferred bourbon of the Saunders-Better Half household.

            We got a bottle of American Honey for Christmas.  It reminds me mightily of Drambuie.  It is suitable for use in a modified Sazerac, obviating the need for sugar or simple syrup.  The absinth makes it less cloying.Report

  7. Avatar Burt Likko says:

    I’ve an abundance of good Scotch after the holidays so I haven’t had moment to step back into the Bourbon. Maker’s is my go-to choice when I do, it has such a nice apple-pie flavor to it.Report

  8. Avatar Ben says:

    TOD I thought we had a understanding!Report