Conflict at the Heart of Scientology


Tom Van Dyke

Tom Van Dyke, businessman, musician, bon vivant and game-show champ (The Joker's Wild, and Win Ben Stein's Money), knows lots of stuff, although not quite everything yet. A past inactive to The American Spectator Online, the late great Reform Club blog, and currently on religion and the American Founding at American Creation, TVD continues to write on matters of both great and small importance from his ranch type style tract house high on a hill above Los Angeles.

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4 Responses

  1. Avatar Jason Kuznicki says:

    Here’s some more info, including the text of the letter itself, which can be hard to follow at times owing to the Scientology jargon.  Also the horrific treatment Debbie Cook is alleged to have received at the hands of her co-religionists.Report

  2. I like your keywords approach, lolReport

  3. Avatar Katherine says:

    Google doesn’t like people who try to screw with their algorithm, Tom.Report

  4. Avatar Will H. says:

    Hubbard was spiking the coffee with MDMA whenever wealthy clients would go to clear, fairly dilute.
    They would tell them that they need some time to adjust the machine, and give them some coffee to drink while they wait.
    The guy that he was getting the stuff from was a Yale buddy of his name of Creek.
    Creek lived right across the street from some Catholic school, and Hubbard would come rolling up in a white limo, dressed all in white.

    Truth is truth.
    I know a lot more about Creek than I do about Hubbard.Report