Juror Mitch Landrieu

Will Truman

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2 Responses

  1. Burt Likko says:

    Perhaps the other jurors available were even worse, and the defense attorney ran out of strikes.Report

    • Will Truman in reply to Burt Likko says:

      I suppose. The other thought that crossed my mind: It’s worth the risk when you consider the attention it will bring to the case. From a cynical standpoint, publicity for the lawyer. From a non-cynical standpoint, publicity to a client who might have a sympathetic story to tell.

      When I was a jury candidate for a serial killer trial, I was struck using a strike. But it was the south and I am against the death penalty, so they probably had strikes to spare on the likes of me. it took the (multi-racial, 7-women/5-men) jury less than three hours to sentence the guy to death.Report