The short and sweet life of Community



Daniel is a journalist.

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  1. Avatar Jesse Ewiak says:

    I love Community. But, it was lucky to be on NBC in the years that NBC barely qualifies as a major network. In any other time period with the same numbers, it would’ve been gone before America realized that the girl who plays Pete Campbell’s wife has a nice rack.Report

  2. Avatar Daniel says:

    I agree with every bit of your comment.Report

  3. Avatar Tim Kowal says:

    It’s been my favorite show the past three years.  But we could take a page from British television shows, which run only 2-3 series (is my understanding).  Would give us a chance to remember shows fondly without adding qualifications like, “before it jumped the shark,” or, “how long does it take to finish community college?” or, “before the island started traveling through time,” or, “before Steve Carell left,” etc.Report

    • Avatar Mike Schilling says:

      The big difference (in my understanding) is that British shows do a much smaller number of episodes per season, often six (Blackadder, Fawlty Towers) and no more than thirteen (Monty Python).  Many cable shows do this (Mad Men, Breaking Bad, all of the HBO shows I can think of), which is one reason they can be of higher quality.Report

    • Avatar Benno says:

      You know, Happy Days ran for three and a half more seasons after it “jumped the shark.”  I realize that this is how pop culture works, but Fonzie’s literally jumping the shark was hardly Happy Days’ figurative shark-leap.Report

      • Avatar Tim Kowal says:

        I don’t think jumping the shark means the show is actually over.  It just means we’re left with the dregs.  Years ago you’d be hard pressed to find a bigger Simpsons fan than me.  But I can’t sit through any of the episodes in the last five years, they’ve just gotten so bad.  I can’t point to the shark jump, though.Report

  4. Avatar Kolohe says:

    “inside jokes from the shoe.”

    and a really big shoe at that [/sullivan]Report

  5. Avatar North says:

    I only watched one episode (the D&D one) but oh my goodness, what an episode it was!Report

  6. Avatar Zac says:

    Six seasons and a movie!Report

  7. Avatar BSK says:

    I’ve caught some episodes here and there and always enjoyed it, but sensed I was missing something.  I got some of the nerd humor but not all (I had NO idea D&D was played that way(I thought it was a boardgame) but still enjoyed the episode).  But I also sensed the inside jokes I was missing.  I’ll probably go back and watch it on DVD/Netflix and thoroughly enjoy it and bemoan it’s demise.  I’m always slow to get into shows, partly because I’m slow to adapt my viewing habits and, even with DVR, I need a nudge to get going on stuff.

    The apparent inside nature of the show reminds me of a comment someone (Klosternman, I think?) made about Lost: it is a show where the viewing audience can only really shrink from week to week.  It would be really hard to see a sudden spike in the show since no one is going to just jump in mid-season or mid-series.  People will give up and you might pick up some people catching on on DVD.  But, serial shows and self-referential shows will always have that working against them.Report

  8. I do love Community, but I don’t think it’s anywhere near as hilarious as Parks and Recreation. I think the many Arrested Development comparisons I saw greatly overestimate the greatness of Community. Arrested Development is one in a million. Community is one in a thousand or a hundred.Report