Borrowing our way to prosperity.


David Ryan

David Ryan is a boat builder and USCG licensed master captain. He is the owner of Sailing Montauk and skipper of Montauk''s charter sailing catamaran MON TIKI You can follow him on Twitter @CaptDavidRyan

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2 Responses

  1. Avatar Lyle says:

    Actually if you take the accounting definition and apply it with a modification to include technical obsolescence, it still works. Moores law means that anything with chips etc as the main feature has a fairly short life. Compared to that the sailboat could easily last 40-50 years if maintained. Todays autos have a lot of chips, but still can expect to be on the road for over 100k miles (after all the odometers now go to 1,000,000 miles, whereas cars thru at least 1985 only went to 100k.Report

    • Avatar David Ryan says:

      Reading your comment provokes memories of being in Home Depot, shortly after buying our house. I recall being in the yard-care section, picking out shovels and hoes and what not.

      I can still remember helfting a mattock and thinking, “This is probably the last mattock you’ll ever buy,” and feeling a profound sense of relief that I could shop for our various needful tools without worrying about hitting the price/performance sweet-spot *just so*.

      This, in turn, reminds me of the introduction from Phil C. Bolger’s Boats with an Open Mind, which I’m sure I’ll be quoting from in an upcoming post.