Congratulations are in order

Erik Kain

Erik writes about video games at Forbes and politics at Mother Jones. He's the contributor of The League though he hasn't written much here lately. He can be found occasionally composing 140 character cultural analysis on Twitter.

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20 Responses

  1. Patrick Cahalan says:

    I was wondering when they were going to quit fooling around and make an honest woman out of him.Report

  2. E.C. Gach says:

    That’s fantastic news. Congratulations on the new gig Alex!Report

  3. Jason Kuznicki says:

    Excellent news. Congratulations, Alex.Report

  4. Tod Kelly says:

    Excellent! Congrats.Report

  5. Shawn Gude says:

    Very cool, congrats!Report

  6. North says:

    The League’s tendrils continue to grow. I look forward to Jaybird presiding at the NY Times and Bob Cheek’s reign of terror at National Review.Report

    • North in reply to North says:

      Congrats incidentallyReport

    • J.L. Wall in reply to North says:

      See, I’ve been looking forward to the inverse: can’t you just imagine references to that NYC AL East team as: “those Commie Yanks”?

      But, yes, congratulations are in order. Just remember: once you’ve accepted your bowler hat from the League, you can never give it back.Report

      • North in reply to J.L. Wall says:

        My god, you’re right J.L… or Jaybird at the Corner? I don’t even know what he’d say but I know that K-Lo’s brains would be melted all over the dashboard before the day was done.Report

        • Jaybird in reply to North says:

          There are two Jaybirds. Jaybird the comment person and Jaybird the “I’m publishing this as a post” person. The former is mostly id. The latter almost entirely superego.

          I fear that people will want the one but get the other and feel nothing but disappointment when the realization sets in.Report

  7. Burt Likko says:

    Drinks are on Knapp tonight!Report

  8. Kyle Cupp says:

    Congratulations, Alex!Report

  9. Alex Knapp says:

    Thanks for the well wishes everyone!Report

  10. MFarmer says:

    Glückwünsche. Dieses ist eine wohlverdiente Verabredung.Report