Daily Archive: September 28, 2011


Ralph Nader and left-libertarian convergence

Michael Tracy has an article up at The American Conservative on Ralph Nader’s quest to get progressives to align with libertarians like Ron Paul. For those with a longstanding interest in left-libertarian coalition-building, there’s...


Affirmative Action and Equality, Cont’d

I would be remiss to leave the recent discussions on affirmative action and equality without citing Frederick Douglass’s moral argument against affirmative action made in 1865 to a group of abolitionists: “[I]n regard to...


A Man for No Season in Particular

“Every so often,” said the Capitalist, “I have the sense that you all don’t hate me quite as much as you should.” The Humanitarian shrugged. “I’m lousy at hating anyone. Even you.” Undaunted, the...


Salvaging Grammar Instruction

By Kyle Cupp I begin with a confession: reading Freddie deBoer’s post on the poor outcomes of teaching grammar initially left me feeling despondent and ready to join the narrator of Melville’s Moby-Dick in...

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