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  1. Avatar Chris says:

    It’s not the university, but a student group that offered the $20 for the t-shirts. The university actually licensed them.Report

    • Avatar Daniel says:

      Important distinction.Report

    • Avatar Chris says:

      Err… no, the university didn’t license them. I read the story wrong. Ignore that. Also, I think the actual shirt is pretty funny (better than the silly Huck the Fuskers).Report

      • Avatar Daniel says:

        Really? I kinda like Huck the Fuskers.Report

        • Avatar Chris says:

          I remember when I first saw a Huck the Fuskers t-shirt, sometime around 1992. I thought it was funny for a minute, and then thought it was kind of silly, similar to your reaction to Buck the Fuckeyes, I think.

          But “West Fucking Virginia,” now that makes sense. When I was an undergrad and under 21, we occasionally drove to Huntington because the bars there were 18 and up (and as everyone knows, getting in is 99% of the battle). “West Fucking Virginia” was a common response to the question, “Where you going this weekend?”Report

        • Avatar James Hanley says:

          In Oregon, the version is “Huck the Fuskies.” Not nearly as clever, though, as the bumper sticker reading “Support a Husky Free Northwest.”Report

  2. Avatar Jaybird says:

    There is a truck here in town that has a “I’m going NUCKING FUTS!” bumpersticker (and “nucking futs” is in a wacky font).

    Stuck behind this truck at a stoplight, I am left alone to meditate on the sequence of events that led to this. The driver was, one day, walking through a store that happened to have bumperstickers. S/he saw this bumpersticker. S/he laughed. S/he said “I need to put this on my truck!” S/he purchased this bumpersticker. S/he put it on her/his truck. S/he continues to drive around town with this bumpersticker on her/his truck.

    Then the light turns green and I move towards my destination.Report

    • Avatar DensityDuck says:

      Driving behind a guy today, “US ARMY VET” and Enduring Freedom service-ribbon bumper stickers, license place was “DIRKA2”.

      uh…wow, just wow.Report

  3. Avatar CubFan says:

    As a (mostly) proud Cubs fan, I’ll still proudly wear my “Muck the Fets” T-Shirt (in stylin’ orange & blue lettering) every time New York visits Wrigley.Report

  4. Avatar Kimmi says:

    There is funny, and then there is funny.
    The Buck Ofama shirts were… profitable. 😉Report

  5. Avatar Ryan Bonneville says:

    West Fucking Virginia has a proud history, as Chris points out above. That one at least makes sense.

    And, perhaps because I’m a Wolverine, perhaps because I’m a pedant, I have always had a soft spot for Buck the Fuckeyes. The word is still right there on the shirt! You haven’t achieved anything by switching the B and the F! I love it!Report

    • Avatar Plinko says:

      See now in Madison we have some folks that just wear shirts that say ‘F*ck ’em, Bucky!’, which is nice because you can wear that one every week.Report

    • Avatar Tod Kelly says:

      Similar to OR State t-shirts that read ‘Duck a Fuck’Report

      • Avatar James Hanley says:

        Similar to OR State t-shirts that read ‘Duck a Fuck’
        You’re giving OSU students too much credit. They thought they were doing a “Huck the Fuskers” imitation and didn’t realize their error.Report

    • Avatar Alan Scott says:

      That, to me, is the one thing that makes these shirts bearable. The “Muck the Fets” thing is old-it’s not funny, and it’s not the classiest representation of your fandom.

      But “Buck the Fuckeyes” is meta. It’s not so much a dig at the buckeyes, it’s a joke on the very concept of the “Muck the Fets” shirt. That’s why it works.Report

  6. Avatar Sam M says:

    Profane. Silly. Pointless. These shirts do seem to have a place in college fandom.

    What do you expect? Shirts with Susan Sontag quotes on them?Report