Daily Archive: September 23, 2011


Friday Night Jukebox: Never Stop

Everytime someone asks me to recommend a new band I rave and rave about The Bad Plus. They’re alternative jazz, I say, but not like you expect. They’re good and not just to jazz...


Neoliberalism and the Human Economy

What is Neoliberalism? I’ve been pouring through some posts written during the recent neoliberalism debate and it’s struck me that nobody actually agrees on what constitutes a neoliberal. For a long time I’ve thought...


Don Draper Studies II: Mad Men as Western

(This post contains spoilers for various seasons of Mad Men.  Read at your own risk, but, I mean, it’s on DVD already, so go ahead and help out the Postal Service and that artist...


Going Valjean

Balloon Juice defines “going Galt” as: Withdrawing one’s unique brilliance from the economy in protest of tax rates which are actually abnormally low for the post-war era. Discussed and encouraged by bloggers such as...

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