Daily Archive: September 19, 2011


Liberty, Anarchy and the Pragmatist’s Dilemma

I will be blogging Gary Chartier’s Conscience of an Anarchist over the next couple of weeks at Forbes, but before we set out, I want to touch on a handful of pieces I’ve read...


That Fine Line Between Correlation and Coincidence

Via Andrew, a new Way-Too-Soon general election snapshot: Obama now leads Texas Governor Rick Perry, the frontrunner in the GOP contest, 46% to 39%. Perry’s chief rival for the nomination, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney , holds...


The Governmental Regulation vs. Litigation Spectrum

There’s a pretty great ongoing conversation going on below stemming from a comment-turned-post by Jaybird on the unintended costs of governmental regulations. As always, my thoughts on the subject of governmental regulation don’t lean...


Your Class Warfare Song of the Day

There’s been a class war going on since the 1980s. It’s just that the side being attacked has finally decided to start defending itself. We’ll see if that actually works in America. “But don’t...

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