What will the myths be in A Song of Ice and Fire?


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  1. Brett says:

    I think Brienne (if she lives) will end up as a legendary warrior, and possibly one of Daenerys’ future Queensguard. The “myth” will be that she was both a great knight and fantastically beautiful, with the stories dropping the fact that the nickname “Brienne the Beauty” was supposed to be a cruel joke.

    Jon, of course, will be legendary. That tends to happen when you’re potentially something I can’t specify because it would be a Dance with Dragons spoiler. Same goes for Daenerys, although in her case I suspect there might be an element of sadness to the story – she might represent the last shining light of the Targaryens, before Martinworld moves on (in the same way that Aragorn’s Unified Kingdom after Sauron was defeated was the same).

    Cersei, unfortunately, will probably become infamous as an evil character. She’ll be Westeros’s Richard III.

    Tyrion might get the same thing as Brienne, where the title gets remembered and ultimately replaces the reality. The “Little Giant of Lannister” might eventually end up just as the “Giant of Lannister”.Report

  2. Kimmi says:

    Jaime, as his story stands now, will be as infamous in death as in life.
    Good call from upthread about Brienne being remembered as beautiful.
    It’s hard not to see Cersei as a villanness, but that depends on who writes the history.
    Tyrion will either be Richard the Third, or something a good deal more comical — I could easily see him treated as a trickster type.Report

  3. Steve says:

    This is a little off topic, but…

    I’m I the only person who quit caring about this series around the 4th book? It took Martin roughly 10 years to nudge the plot forward a couple of inches. Now, he’s 63 and overweight. There is almost no chance he’ll wrap this all up before he passes on.

    It’s Robert Jordan all over again. The similarities are uncanny.Report

  4. Burt Likko says:

    King Robb Stark, the Young Wolf who never lost a battle, will be the subject of legends too, complete with the

    dastardly betrayal at the Red Wedding


    The bards will sing sad, melancholy songs about Lady Catelyn

    mourning for all her dead children


    and tales of rousing adventure and magic about Danerys Targaryen’s epic bid to return to power.