Daily Archive: September 13, 2011



I’m not feeling super-motivated to write about politics these days – the two debates and the job speech over the last couple weeks have left me too exhausted to even bother – so instead...


Should Microsoft Let This Man Die?

Here’s a healthy man of thirty. He’s an architect. He’s never worked for Microsoft. He decides not to get health insurance. Then — against all odds — he gets a rare form of cancer....


The Future of Affirmative Action

~by Aaron There is an ongoing war in Michigan on the status of affirmative action in higher education, and a new chapter of this conflict opened on July 1: the 6th Circuit Court of...


Thinking in Song

At FPR, Gregory Butler has written a nice discussion of Bruce Springsteen’s The Rising.  This album has been one to which I’ve returned with time, and my opinion of it has grown, slowly but...


I didn’t watch the Tea Party debate

But Aaron Carroll did. He writes: Let’s start here with the moment I screamed at the TV. I’m sorry, but the audience cheering the idea of letting a thirty-year old who got sick without...

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