Daily Archive: September 12, 2011


A 9/11 Question

I know everyone’s probably burned out on 9/11, but I’m curious to know how ya’ll would answer this: TRUE or FALSE: Though the events of 9/11 would have been historic in any era, had...


The Need for Speed and the Value of Human Life

Last week following the Republican debate, Erik and many others decried the way Perry’s supporters yeehaw-ed Texas executions. This lead to a discussion by people on both sides of the aisle as to who...


Beyond Capitalism

Umair Haque has an interesting post up at the Harvard Business Review asking whether Marx was in fact correct about capitalism – not about communism mind you, but about capitalism. Marx, after all, did...


For the families

In July of 2001, I was in New York working on decommissioning a regional office.  Shutting down the phone switch, helping pack up the expensive network gear, bemoaning the fact that the UPS at...

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