Daily Archive: September 10, 2011



In the interest of brevity—and in an attempt to avoid undue solipsism—I’ll keep my introductory post short. I graduated from the University of Iowa in May and plan on enrolling in graduate school next...


A man there was in the Land of Uz

Jonathan Safran Foer’s second novel, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, closes with a flip-book sequence of one of the falling men from the World Trade Center.  The order of the images are reversed, so...


TV Terror

I’m not entirely sure that there is anything too significant to be gleaned from this video presentation of a study on how terrorism is portrayed on primetime TV since 9/11- though I am sure...


10 Years Later

The funny thing, in retrospect, was that I had actually chosen to listen to news radio before I’d even gotten in the car that morning – something I never, ever do.  I was just...


The Machinery of… whatever

I thought my country was going crazy before 9/11. Turns out I was still young, and “crazy” was one of those things I had to learn as I got older. I can work up...



At the hospitals where I did my residency in New York City, the pediatrics department had its Grand Rounds every Tuesday morning.  One of my favorite attending physicians was delivering a talk on hematopoietic...

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