Daily Archive: September 8, 2011


Ben & Jerry’s

Will be producing Schweddy Balls ice cream.  I personally checked the calendar to make sure it wasn’t April 1st. Still one of the better parodies of NPR: SNL’s Schweddy Balls sketch.


The fact that I’m a beer snob is beside the point

So, it’s interesting to me that so many libertarian-minded people, when they look at beer sales in America, say “People drink Budweiser because people like Budweiser!” and fail to take into account the laws...



After the initial outcry of liberuls regarding Governor Perry’s answer to Brian Williams death row question, it was inevitable that we’d start seeing a right-wing backlash against Perry having gotten a “gotcha!” question. Can...


Look, the thing about the GOP is…

The other night I wrote a response to a post by Michael Lofgren’s GOP takedown that Erik brought to my attention, and when I got up the next morning the comment thread made it...


Caption Contest

Photo via Matt Welch. Apparently this happened during a commercial break after a heated exchange between the two.


AGW and Logical Rudeness

At Cato Unbound, we’re discussing Michael Shermer’s fascinating new book The Believing Brain. Shermer himself gives a short introduction to the emerging neuroscience of political belief. And Eliezer Yudkowsky, whom I consistently find one...


There Will Be Blood

Ladies and gentlemen, the next Republican nominee for President of the United States of America! I can’t help but think we get the leaders we deserve. Oh hey look, ma, I’m quoted in the...