Daily Archive: September 7, 2011


The Republican Debate

I only caught the end of the debate, but that was enough. It was enough to remind me that the Republican Party boils down to three things: tax cuts, “What Would Reagan Do?” and...


Craft Beer and the Human Economy

Tom Philpott observes that not all alcohol regulations need necessarily be a bad thing: It’s true that Carter’s move on behalf of home brewers helped push along the craft-brew revolution, as did the state-by-state...


The Culture is Fine, Thanks

Forgive me for a little anti-curmudgeon curmudgeoning, but the numbers cited in this Mary Sue post by Jamie Frevele (and the post itself, to some extent) set off all my neurons. We see these dire...


Neuroscience and Party

A literature review and summary of the state of research by Andrea Kuszewski.


Lemieux, Stoller, Obama, and me

I’ve gotten much better at this blogging thing as time has gone by, but every once in a while I fall off the wagon and Blog While Angry. This is essentially never a good...



We’re quickly running out of summer, so I want to share one of my favorite drinks of the last few weeks before it’s too late. Hat-tip to Derek Brown, who turned me on to...


Concerning the Post Office

My co-blogger Will Truman has authored a really interesting piece on the United States Post Office. I commend it to you all.


At the Intersection of Science and Faith

Up at Forbes, I have a piece this morning about the intersection of science and religion that I think readers here might find interesting. Here’s a snippet: Of course, this tension between religion and...


Aging boomer trends

Here are a couple of interesting (and troubling) posts about what aging boomers are up to.  First, the LA Times reports that, as predicted, the nation’s 77 million boomers are beginning to dump their...