Daily Archive: September 6, 2011


The Rise and Fall of the Republican Party

I read Michael Lofgren’s excellent piece on the many failings of the Republican Party over the long weekend. It’s not exactly anything new so much as it is all put very well. Lofgren is a...


Obama on the ropes

Andrew Sullivan makes his return to the blogosphere with a Where Are We Now-styled post, the majority of which features him rather deftly outlining the many ways in which the President finds himself in...


Radical steps needed to combat climate change

This is a ‘promoted comment‘ from the post “Climate Change is Real and it’s Heating Up‘. It has been edited for clarity, with sources added. ~by mclaren Excellent post by Kain, as usual. The...


Heating Up

“Neither Governor Perry nor the bulk of Texas’ citizens may be interested in climate change, but climate change is interested in them.” ~ Matt Yglesias, commenting on the massive drought and terrible wildfires ravaging...


Prop 13 Is for Lovers…of Property Taxes!

Last week’s “OC Watchdog” piece by Teri Sforza in the OC Register pokes the Prop 13 bear, suggesting it is time Californians withdraw their opposition to higher property taxes, by focusing on the familiar...

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