Daily Archive: August 31, 2011


Our monument won’t be a hole in the ground

Conor Friedersdorf posts this video of radical conservative Bryan Fischer: Conor writes: In the clip above, Bryan Fisher of the American Family Association reminds us that until very recently, many U.S. jurisdictions imposed unconscionable...


Climate Change is Real, and it’s Heating Up

Despite what many GOP contenders for the 2012 presidential nomination say, the Earth really is heating up, and the costs of global warming may be drastically higher than previous estimates suggested. Meanwhile, investigators in...


The economic hurdles of a left-libertarian alliance

~by Shawn Gude We’re in rather unpropitious times for left-libertarian bridge-building. I don’t take glee in making this assertion; I’m more crestfallen than content. Indeed, I’ve spilled a fair amount of ink arguing that...


David Brooks, Expertise, and the Fetishization of Happiness

People have been giving attention to David Brooks’ latest column.  This is good, because I have a soft spot for the incorporation of Yiddish into daily life, particularly the word “bagel,” and especially on...

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