Daily Archive: August 29, 2011


A bit more about racism and Daily Kos

Just to keep everyone in the loop on the latest controversy surrounding yours truly, I have a much longer post up on the Daily Kos accusations of racism, including side by side screen shots...


As if being anti-woman isn’t enough…

…I am also, apparently, a terrible racist. Lessons in reading comprehension 101 notwithstanding. (P.S. in case any of this is lost in translation I am neither anti-woman or racist.)


The joys of blogging

I am Professor Feminism. Hear me roar. (Seriously, I feel like a goddamned super villain. How’s them apples?)


What’s the big idea?

Neal Gabler has a piece just brimming over with nostalgia in the New York Times. Here’s his takeaway: Ideas just aren’t what they used to be. Once upon a time, they could ignite fires...


After the dust settles

Okay, so first things first. I should not have pulled the traffic card when responding to Sady about A Game of Thrones. That was, in the words of a wise person I know, “a...