Brienne of Tarth



Daniel is a journalist.

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  1. Avatar Kim says:

    Courtly love was all about 25 year old men lusting after 13 year old children. Because that was what a maiden was.

    Brienne mooning after Renly… far more Greek. Platonic love — and it’s in a world where even Robert and Ned don’t have platonic love (not saying they have erotic love, either — but it’s a very fraternal love. a love despite what the other is, as often as it is because of what the other is).Report

  2. Avatar Maribou says:

    I suppose when I said courtly love I was thinking both about idealization and unattainability – the ideal of chivalrous admiration, rather than how it may’ve truly played out. I think that Brienne’s feelings about Renly had a strong erotic component – even though she knew he had eyes for no one but Loras – so to me platonic love isn’t a great descriptor.

    Daniel, I find myself unable to argue your points without either spoilers or a lot of “just you waits!” – but trust me, there’s a lot of interesting material to come. I think if I’d realized where you were in her story, I might not’ve asked you to write about her yet… though I always felt she had a lot more inner conflict, etc., than she was letting on, even at first.Report

  3. Avatar Brittny says:

    Enjoyed your write up about Brienne. The image of her jousting with Renley’s favor on her lance is delightful. It’s even more fun when I imagine Ser Loras’ jealous face. I really liked the part where you discuss Brienne consciously choosing her outlook on life. This is one of my favorite things about Brienne and I think it’s what separates her from someone like Tyrion.

    Brienne had her dreams crushed by harsh reality, she saw how knights – the very best knights in Westeros – not being true knights but still she chooses to believe in honor and chivalry. It’s not contingent on the examples of people around her. She carries it within herself. She is naive about oath breaking maybe but not about honor. I think it’s a choice.Report