Daily Archive: August 22, 2011


Anarchy and Liberalism

Commenter Peter Munchen asks: Oh trying or anarchy now, eh ED? What, your flirtation with liberalism hasn’t worked out? Worked out ok to get you  a gig at Forbes after all. I’ve been fascinated...


Bloody Madness

Updated below. Over at The Dish, Zack Beauchamp writes: It’s better to think of the U.S. as the global police chief rather than sole policeman. We may be the strongest of our allies, but...


Big Beer

Mike Konczal points out that the market share for the big beer producers has actually grown since deregulation, with craft brews making up only about 4% of total market share, and the top four...


What John Cole Said

John asks if the fall of Gaddafi means he should change his initial opposition to the war: Does that change my opinion about the ludicrous notion that providing air cover, using smart bombs and...

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