Daily Archive: August 18, 2011


Beer, neoliberalism, and unions

Matt Yglesias returns to the subject of beer and the deregulation of the beer industry during the Carter industry. I’m going to take a bit of credit for the debate that was sparked around...


NPR’s Recent Top 100 List

This isn’t quite important enough to front-page center, but it’s good enough for the sidebar.


Scott Sumner on Past Mistakes

I wish more people in government would read Scott Sumner’s blog: I once read all the New York Times from the 1930s (on microfilm.)  You can’t even imagine how frustrating it was.  They knew...


Why Don’t Liberals Care About Foreign Policy?

~by Ryan B. Now, not to pick on Matt Yglesias, because I don’t think he’s necessarily worse than most of the center-left-type bloggers out there, but he recently put up two posts that rubbed...


The Media and Ron Paul

So you’ve all seen the Jon Stewart clip about the media ignoring Ron Paul. Here are my thoughts. First, the media are ignoring Ron Paul. This is so obvious that it hardly bears mentioning....