Saturday Jukebox

Tod Kelly

Tod is a writer from the Pacific Northwest. He is also serves as Executive Producer and host of both the 7 Deadly Sins Show at Portland's historic Mission Theatre and 7DS: Pants On Fire! at the White Eagle Hotel & Saloon. He is  a regular inactive for Marie Claire International and the Daily Beast, and is currently writing a book on the sudden rise of exorcisms in the United States. Follow him on Twitter.

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8 Responses

  1. It seems like Indy Rock is well-received at the League, and musical tastes can reveal a lot about a person. I’m curious: what music does everybody like?

    I like classic rock, hip hop, classical, and electronic best. My favorite artists are Blackstar, Brian Eno, Camille Saint-Saëns, Credence Clearwater Revival, Cat Stevens, Nirvana, De La Soul, Dire Straits, The Doors, Gregorian, Johann Sebastian Bach, Led Zeppelin, Louis Moreau Gottschalk, Nat King Cole, Notorious B.I.G, Rage Against the Machine, Stereolab, System of a Down, Talking Heads, Tangerine Dream, Wu-Tang Clan, and the Yoshida BrothersReport

    • Elton John. Before the basement flooded, I had all of his stuff until around 1985 on vinyl. My goodness, he had some tight stuff in the 70’s.

      Most of the stuff I am currently grooving to can be found here.Report

    • I think of myself as being somewhat eclectic. I like jazz a lot; Ellington and Wynton Marsalis are both mainstays and heroes. I think I like some country, but people who are county fans tell me the people I listen to (kd lang, Lyle Lovett) aren’t real county.

      Classic rock & pop is pretty good for me, as are the indy artists. Aside from the two i mentioned in the post, these days I’m listing to a lot of Guster, Death Cab for Cutie, Pink Martini, Black Keys, and Arcade Fire.

      Mostly I’m ok with anything. Music is playing at some level of volume throughout my day.Report

      • dhex in reply to Tod Kelly says:

        “and musical tastes can reveal a lot about a person”

        while my answer is “i like all kinds of music!” (har har) i gotta strenuously disagree with this. i don’t think it reveals all that much, especially in more “casual” listeners.

        for the obsessives, perhaps moreso. even then i’d be hesitant, or at least ascribe a lot more to how they present themselves and their passion than what they actually obsess about.

        anyway, i’m anxiously awaiting a new burial album (the street halo ep was great), but would recommend the new earth album (from earlier this year) to anyone, anywhere.Report

  2. E.D. Kain says:

    This is great stuff. Thanks!Report

  3. tarylcabot says:

    good track “a girl, a boy, and a graveyard”. just listened to the rest of the tracks on iTunes and it’s the best track – probably why it’s first on the album. always on the lookup for good new tunes, so happy to see your embed.Report