Daily Archive: August 12, 2011


Jobs and Other Wastes of Worldly Effort

IOZ writes: What do you do with the sentiment that the government or Barack Obama or John Boner or the Times editorial board or whatever is/are failing to “do enough” to “create jobs”?  We...


Crucifixion and Archaeology

A detailed discussion of one of the few victims of crucifixion to be discovered, here.  Less on the gore and pain of how the death-torture physically worked than trying to glean historical facts and possibilities...


Thoughts on last night’s Republican debate

Except for the absence of soon-to-announce candidate Governor Rick Perry, last night’s debate was the first in which essentially the full roster of candidates was on-stage. But even with the addition of former Governor...


Austerity and Stimulus

Since my last post, the debt limit has been raised, and all is well with the world, for now anyway.  But the debt limit itself was never the real issue, it was just a...

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