Daily Archive: August 11, 2011


The Polis in Post-Modernity (II): Scale and the City

In a comment to my previous post, Art Deco offers several statistics in support of his counter-argument that “Mobility is not so novel.”  He is right—and especially, I would say, in America.  Huck Finn sets...


A Little Atheism for Y’all

This shouldn’t surprise anyone (via Sullivan): Following the appearance of Blair Scott, the Communications Director for the American Atheists, Inc., on Fox News’ America Live show, the network’s Facebook page was overrun with death...


Riots, left and right

The critique of the riots and neoliberalism that Elias links to below reminds me quite a bit of Theodore Dalyrmple’s piece in City Journal, and this piece in The Australian. Perhaps individualism cannot really...


Political destruction in the neoliberal era

Over on the series of tubes that emanates from the Twitter hive mind, Ned Resnikoff flagged this post from Will Davies (no relation, I assume, to brothers Ray and Dave) that stands for now...

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