Daily Archive: August 9, 2011


Storytelling & Politics

Drew Westen’s piece on the failure of the president to tell the right stories has met with much ire across the blogosphere. I find this odd. After all, the same people who often say...


More leftist internecine warfare!

Just to supplement a bit the central argument of this great post from Shawn, I’d like to point your attention towards the following from The Monkey Cage. In the post, Eric Schickler, “a political...


Nickel and Dimed Ten Years Later

TomDispatch has published Barbara Ehrenreich’s new afterword for the tenth anniversary of her now classic work Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America. Here is my favorite passage, although it’s definitely worth...


Obama, the left, and the two-party system

~by Shawn Gude Freddie deBoer had a good post recently bemoaning Obama’s illiberal tendencies. You should read the whole thing, but this passage touches on something I’ve been thinking about lately: Not a day...

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