Politics is policy is policy is politics

Elias Isquith

Elias Isquith is a freelance journalist and blogger. He considers Bob Dylan and Walter Sobchak to be the two great Jewish thinkers of our time; he thinks Kafka was half-right when he said there was hope, "but not for us"; and he can be reached through the twitter via @eliasisquith or via email. The opinions he expresses on the blog and throughout the interwebs are exclusively his own.

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4 Responses

  1. North says:

    Yeah the whole ‘unite the GOP’ stuff makes no sense at all. How much different would that have looked from the way it did anyhow? Heck, if the GOP had united against financial reform at the mood the country had been in they’d have likely been ridden out on rails. Also since he did have a supermajority what difference would it have made? It’s not like the GOP hasn’t filibustered near every item in the Senate; 60 is the new 50 these days.
    But I’d certainly agree Elias that Obama seemed to decide that once he became Commander in Cheif he no longer had any need to be a Politician anymore and it really has hurt him and his causes.Report

  2. MFarmer says:

    Most of this debate over what Obama should or shouldn’t have done is based on the false premise that he can do anything to improve the economy. If it were true that government action can turn around a recession, with all the interventions tried, surely by now the right combination would have been found and applied at the first signs of recession, therefore avoiding all recessions from here on out. Drum says the stimulus should’ve been bigger — this is incredible — the total on all stimulus efforts so far in in the trillions. The Fed has done QE 1, 2 and now 3 — we’re spending billions on the wars (hey, that got FDR our of depression, didn’t it?) — the auto companies and banks were bailed out – Cash for Clunkers — mortgage remodification — unemployment extensions — government is spending like never before, in every way imaginable, and it is only making things worse. Plus, now we’re being downgraded by a half-ass credit rating agency — and the answer is more government spending? Insanity. Something is terribily wrong.Report

    • Plinko in reply to MFarmer says:

      Plenty of obvious problems here, Mike.
      1. Obviously one only gets one response to every recession, so it’s pretty easy to not do as well as you want. Not to mention that no two recessions are the same, so even if you do well with one, it’s only somewhat applicable to the next.
      2. Things are clearly not getting worse, they’re getting better way, way too slowly. Those are pretty different problems unless you have a new definition of worse.
      3. If S&P is half-ass, why do you care if they downgrade?Report

  3. MFarmer says:

    just mortgage modification, or are they re-modifiying the modifications?Report