Daily Archive: August 5, 2011


Against Perrymania

The tide has been rising steadily for weeks if not months now, but with this latest love note from MSNBC, it seems that we’re about to hit the zenith of hype for Perry 2012:...


Friday Jukebox

I haven’t done one of these in a while and this one is certainly not a new recording by any means (Domino Records, 1960 and available on the “Domino Records Story” CD). I’m a...


Fine Art for Dorks

See more like this one, here. The Dark Crystal was a seriously freaky movie. They should remake it. Consider this an open thread.


We are all neoliberals now

Karl Smith on the conservative movement: The thing to remember is this outpouring of insanity is not the result of a conservative movement that is losing. It is the case that the long run...