Is Our Democrats Learning? Or: Fighting Fire with Fire / Burning Down the House

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  1. Avatar E.C. Gach says:

    If people loose weeks, or even months of pay, it’s a loss.

    Especially a political fight as obscure as the FAA. It’s not easy for liberals to garner public support for populist positions, and this one seems even less likely to win them any back up from public pressure. I think they just have to give in.Report

  2. Avatar Tom Van Dyke says:

    I make the executive branch is making law, no? The Admin changed the union election law unilaterally and now

    The deal is just between Senate Democrats and the White House because the GOP-led House already passed its FAA funding bill, a House source with knowledge of the details told Fox News.
    Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is sending a letter Thursday, saying he has the power to waive a GOP provision Democrats opposed that would have eliminated subsidies to rural airline services.

    • Avatar Jesse Ewiak in reply to Tom Van Dyke says:

      It’s a rule involving union elections within the federal system, not a law. The executive branch makes rules involving departments all the time.Report

      • I see, thx, Jesse. The Admin doesn’t have to pay heed, then. Still, Mr.Madison’s gov’t gives the “power of the purse” to Congress, specifically the House. It seems they both have valid constitutional positions then, which means it’s down to naked power, who can get away with what in the eyes of the electorate.

        Which is fine by me. Mr. Madison designed it that way, for various interests to butt heads and compete for power rather than it being vested in too few hands.Report

        • Avatar Murali in reply to Tom Van Dyke says:

          Mr. Madison designed it that way, for various interests to butt heads and compete for power rather than it being vested in too few hands.

          Which if we are interested in fiscal sanity, in hindsight, is not such a good idea after all.Report

          • Avatar Tom Van Dyke in reply to Murali says:

            Heh heh, Mr. Murali, a devastating analysis of the current crisis in America: The Bush-era GOP congresscritters denied precious few claims and demands on the public treasury. We could cynically call them panderers seeking re-election, which is accurate; we could call charitably them “compassionate conservatives,” in my view no less accurate.

            Then we gave control of Congress back to the Dems in 2006. Whatever the Reps could do, the Dems could do even better, since they’re the real thing. Hooo boy! Party time!

            Left and right alike take great joy in playing Santa Claus. Even Scrooge did after being visited by the 3 Ghosts of Christmas, an epiphany for the ages. Bought Bob and Tiny Tim Cratchit that big turkey in the butcher’s window, he did, and tipped the boy who fetched it a half-crown…

            It’s a human thing. Nobody loves a humbug.

            Is the Democrats learning? Heh. They read the book, and if we translated Charles Dickens to America’s 21st century politics, we could even say they wrote it.

            [He had no further intercourse with Spirits, but lived upon the Total Abstinence Principle, ever afterwards; and it was always said of him, that he knew how to keep Christmas well, if any man alive possessed the knowledge. May that be truly said of us, and all of us! And so, as Tiny Tim observed, God Bless Us, Every One!]Report

  3. Avatar Dan says:

    Why are the Democrats interested in protecting EAS? The left often complains about how urban areas subsidize rural ones yet here they’re objecting to ending such subsidies.Report

    • Avatar Ryan B in reply to Dan says:

      It’s very odd, and I’m not totally sure. Constituent service, I guess. The same reason Dems aren’t opposed to farm subsidies.

      FWIW, FAA’s budget request pretty much always gouges EAS, and then Congress always puts the funding back in when it appropriates.Report

  4. Avatar Lyle says:

    Another obstacle. There is a thing called essential air service subsidies, the house proposes if a city is withing 90 miles of a mid size or larger airport it will not get the subsidies any more. West Virginia is all upset about this. The second item is that per passenger the subsidy for folks from Ely Nv is $3000 or more (about 2 passengers a day). There are 3 high cost such airports. For Ely the nearest big airport is 250 miles away.
    The city fathers in these small towns say it will kill the town if the subsidy stops, it would seem to me that an on demand air taxi could do all be it the price would be higher for the passenger.Report

  5. Avatar RTod says:

    Ryan –

    Great post, and hugely informative.

    I have been hearing small bits about this story over the past couple of days, and even given that these have been pundit-y I had not even heard until this post the actual issues behind the hold up. (At least i am getting to the point where this no longer surprises me.)Report