Google+ is better for the web than Facebook


Daniel is a journalist.

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  1. Benjamin Daniels says:

    The only problem I have with G+ so far is that it’s still somewhat difficult to find people. It’s nice that joining conversations is so easy, but unlike in Twitter, I cannot find new people by watching the conversations of the people I am already connected to – because I can only see conversations started by people I am already following.

    And, for example, even though you mentioned in this post that you’re on G+, I can’t find you. Even though it’s likely that you already follow or talk to at least one of the same people I do.

    This is the biggest flaw for me right now as it severely restricts the growth of the network in a way that Twitter is awesome at promoting. And it probably wouldn’t be too hard to implement — something as simple as an ‘also show comments’ option when looking at someone’s posts on their profile would do it (so as not to clutter up the main feed).Report

  2. DensityDuck says:

    “[P]art of the full Google+ experience is creating a profile of yourself for other users to see but the emphasis is not on displaying how attractive and wonderful your life is, how sexy you look in your Halloween costume, or how many inside jokes you have with your equally cool and sexy friends.”

    There’s nothing about Facebook that either requires or emphasizes that, either.

    The fact that most people use it that way says a lot about people and very little about Facebook. And, to be honest, if Google+ doesn’t allow people to describe “how attractive and wonderful their lives are” then it’ll wind up in the same bin as Friendster, Tribes, and all the other failed social networks.Report

    • Daniel in reply to DensityDuck says:

      I completely disagree with that. Like I say, the appeal of Facebook is that you can make a self image of yourself and use it interact on Facebook with other people. Users are inclined to make their profile in a way which they feel is an accurate depiction of themselves, even though that’s not necessarily true.

      But I do agree that how people use Facebook and Google+ does decide what it will become. Facebook has pretty much taken its shape. Google+ has not.Report

  3. WD Fyfe says:

    I find Google + works a lot more like the way I’ve organized my real life. It’s easy to seperate the trivial parts from the serious bits. Facebook is a lump sum. I know you can divide friends into groups etc but I never took the time. With Google + you don’t have to Circles does it for you.Report

  4. Dividist says:

    So far I have manged to stay hopelessly behind the curve on facebook, twitter and the whole social network phenomena. As such, I’m reluctant to venture a guess as to the motivations of people using the service or it’s their intentions. My sense is that when it was exclusively a college phenomena, the primary purpose of its users was to get laid. I’ve been using it primarly to pimp my blog, which I guess is a variation on a theme.

    I recently signed up on G+ in the hope of being on the leading edge of on of these services for a change. Your post gives me some inkling of what I am supposed to be doing with it. Sounds like it’ll be a better fit for me.Report