Daily Archive: August 4, 2011


Nostalgia and film

As a brief follow up to my post on upper-middle-class families in modern television and film, I’d like to respond to this comment by Sam MacDonald: Yes. If we could only go back to...


Google+ is better for the web than Facebook

I’ve always been a bit of a outsider. I’m partially naturally inclined that way and partially fond of being interested in things that a minority is, which is why I’ve been questioning whether I...


Normalizing the Upper-Middle-Class in Movies and Television

Alyssa Rosenberg worries that the introduction of characters like Ashton Kutcher’s Walden Schmidt – the replacement for Charlie Sheen’s character on Two and a Half Men – could ‘normalize’ the very wealthy: The thing...


“Yuck” a Duck

~by RTod On Wednesday Erik posted a picture of two (presumably) married costumed lesbians, kissing while holding a sign saying Liberty, a sign saying Justice, and a child that is either from the Village...


Meanwhile, at Forbes

I pitch the creators of NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” on what I think is a pretty damn good idea for an episode in Season 4. This would be the subject matter for the episode....


Charity, Religion, Immigration, and Federalism

The state of Alabama has enacted a new law which would restrict the flow of various benefits to people not legally present in the country. You can read the entire text of the new...

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