Daily Archive: July 29, 2011


“The Harrow and the Harvest”: Silver Dagger

(I’m writing about Gillian Welch’s The Harrow and the Harvest until I feel like stopping.  But really, you should listen to the music more than you should pay attention to me.) More commented on in reviews than the...


Luck and Desert

Some people are mildly disappointed at the grocery store when they can’t find quite the perfect olive for their martinis (um, yeah, that’s me). Others starve to death at age five. E.D. writes below...


The Good German?

It’s midsummer and I haven’t written anything sports related in awhile.  With the NFL going through perhaps the most insanely active week in its history, the MLB trade deadline fast approaching, labor talks finally...


Open-Source Unionism and Labor Scarcity

Ned Resnikoff has been putting out some really fascinating work lately. His writing on small-R ‘republicanism’ and non-domination is really excellent, and a nice twist in the broader debate over what sort of form...


Liberalism is a mighty big tent

Freddie writes: Before I get to it, can I just say that I find the endless posturing about the term “neoliberal” tiring and a dodge? The various poses that the term is meaningless, that...

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