Daily Archive: July 22, 2011


“The Harrow and the Harvest”: Weep No More My Lady

(I’m writing about Gillian Welch’s The Harrow and the Harvest until I feel like stopping.  But really, you should listen to the music more than you should pay attention to me.) Bob Dylan isn’t the only thematic influence...


Explosions, shootings in Norway

Live coverage of the explosions and shootings going on in Norway. These appear to be jihadist attacks. It looks really, really bad. Post updates if you have them. You can see how nationalist parties...


Adverse Possession

I’m of two minds on this story: Kenneth Robinson lives on Waterford Drive in Flower Mound, Texas, but he doesn’t own or rent the home he claims he has a right to live in....



They have their calling cards, don’t they?


Euripides: Rhesus and overenthusaistic coyotes

Rhesus is a play about connections missed and badly met that has seldom quite connected with audiences, which is probably why a few nineteenth century critics attempted to disconnect it from Euripides’s body of work. My own...