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Conservatism: Defender of the Modern Welfare State?

I am grateful for the incentive Jason’s rebuttal provides to study conservative thinker Michael Oakeshott.  However, I respectfully disagree with Jason’s conclusion that “esteem[ of] the present … on account of its familiarity” suffices...


Oakeshott’s Conservatism

Downblog, Tim Kowal writes: [T]here is an impression—mistaken, in my view—that people who advocate to maintain existing policies are “conservatives,” and people who advocate to change them are “liberals.” […] This approach, however, renders...


A Defense of Pragmatism

~by RTod   When I was in high school I briefly embraced Communism. I did so for all the reasons white suburban 16 years olds often do: Communism was defiant and rebellious, seemed at...


Harry Potter and the Art of the Epilogue

I still haven’t seen Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Deux yet, but I hear the epilogue is poorly handled. I was sort of agnostic about it in the book. Epilogues are hard....


Knock this off

June Thomas at Slate thinks that Dan Savage is behaving like a bully toward Marcus Bachmann.  Bachmann, the husband of right-wing firebrand, Rep. Michele Bachmann, and is a proponent of reparative therapy to “fix”...

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