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  1. patrick says:

    Something will be lost in translation. I’m still going to see it. It will probably make me die a little bit inside.Report

  2. Jesse Ewiak says:

    Eh. We all know they’re really Nazi’s. They even say HYDRA is the Nazi’s ‘future war division’ or something right in the trailer. The truth is, many people would be upset about a comic book movie including the Nazi’s in it as major villians in 2011. When the international market is 70% of all proceeds, what sells in America isn’t what’s most important. So, there ya’ go. Still looks like a good movie.

    Plus, any Cpt. America comic fans of the movie find will likely involve Cap punching a Nazi, so they’ll get their info that way. 🙂Report

    • BSK in reply to Jesse Ewiak says:

      How did “Inglorious Bastards” do overseas? A very different movie, but one that had not only Nazis, but Hitler himself, as key aspects of the film.

      Perhaps I missed it either because of age (27) or ignorance (high), but I always thought it’d be interesting to see an honest biopic of Hitler. This is not meant, in any way, shape, or form, to demonstrate any type of awe or reverence for the man. But I feel that, in an effort to demonstrate abhorrence with his ideas and actions, he has been reduced to simply being evil incarnate. While this serves the purpose of demonizing him and his ideology, it does little to help us understand how it came about. Hitler wasn’t a monster. He was a man who did monstrous things. What led him to this? What was going on inside his head? I think it’d be a fascinating character study. I just don’t know if anyone (study, director, producer, ACTOR!) is ballsy enough to do it. Has this been done, either here or overseas? If so, was it successful?Report

      • Jaybird in reply to BSK says:

        From Wikipedia (of course, I cannot vouch for accuracy):

        Universal Pictures censored the film’s German publicity website, as the display of Nazi iconography is restricted in Germany. The title has the swastika removed and the steel helmet has a bullet hole instead of the Nazi symbol.[68] The download section of the German site was revised to exclude wallpaper downloads that feature the swastika openly.[69] Though the advertisement posters and wallpapers must not show Nazi iconography, this does not apply to “works of art” according to German law, so the film itself is not censored in Germany.[70] In Poland, the artwork on all advertisements and on DVD packaging is unchanged, but the title was translated non-literally to B?karty Wojny (Bastards of War), so that Nazi iconography could stylize the letter “O”.[71]

        One would think that if Inglourious Basterds got away with being art that Captain America might…

        One would think many things.Report

  3. Trumwill says:

    I could have sworn I read that they were going to do away with the stripes to tone down the flag imagery. But it looks like they kept the stripes and dropped the Nazis. Huh.

    What’s the over/under on a Stop The Idiocy Director’s Edition where they CG and dub everything to avoid losing the context?Report

  4. DensityDuck says:

    Could be an “Avengers project” thing. Nazis in 2011 aren’t really likely, but some kind of special executive for counterterrorism, extortion, and revenge can be perpetual. So you introduce Hydra as The Big Baddies so that you can have the Avengers fight them later.Report

  5. RTod says:

    Are Hydra and Cobra related?Report