Daily Archive: July 1, 2011


Scandinavian Reality Blindness

In Norway, teachers are trained and encouraged to teach non-traditional gender roles to four-year-olds. This includes the use of books that caused tremendous controversy here in the USA, like “King and King.” Generally this...


The problem with tasers

Let’s have a law and order open thread. Over at Forbes I talk about the latest in police-taser abuses (hat-tip to Patrick at Popehat for that one). It’s one of those stories you wish...


Gold and Bacon and Libertarians Oh My!

I see Jason has already gotten to this over at Cato but I want to chime in. I heard this report on “libertarian summer camp” while driving this morning. NPR Correspondent Robert Smith visits...


On the value of higher education

Here’s James Poulos on higher education, claiming things like: We fixate on higher education as the key to employment because no other institution but college really acculturates Americans into “legitimate” society. Those who do...


Who’s at the table

As the political media has increasingly come to focus exclusively and obsessively on the latest twists and turns of the debt ceiling crisis, I find myself more alienated from and disgusted with politics than...


Clarification Given

For the last little while, a number of officials have been asking Obama’s Department of Justice to clarify its stance on Medical Marijuana. Yesterday (Wednesday), Deputy Attorney General James M. Cole released a memo...

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