Daily Archive: June 24, 2011


One More Note on Israel

Andrew Sullivan, responding to Jeffrey Goldberg, writes: If no American Jew can conceive of a situation in which they would walk away from Israel, then there is no leverage at all to persuade Israel...


Song for Stephen Metcalf

For those interested, Metcalf responds to his critics (including our own Mark Thompson) here.


Immigration, Inequality and Pie

Tim Lee has an excellent response up to this post by NRO’s Daniel Foster, who writes: Punishing a minor by removing him from the culture he’s adopted as his own, for the crimes of...


Classical Liberalism in America

So, for many readers of my work there’s a sense that I am wishy-washy on a number of issues (though hopefully they also notice where I am consistent: against the war on drugs, for...


Why I Hunt

~ by Mike at the Big Stick Back in February at my own blog I wrote a review of The Wild Within, a new Travel channel show featuring Steve Rinella. The series is based...