Daily Archive: June 21, 2011


No such thing as bad publicity

Christopher Carr makes an interesting counter-point to my assertion that the Metcalf piece “bodes ill for the liberaltarian project” because: I disagree. For years, libertarians were ignored, like that kid at the high school...


Still More Caricatures of Libertarianism

If anything, I have become more and more of a libertarian the further I’ve moved to the “left”. I say “left” because I think terms right and left have become more than a little...


Opportunity Costs

Ezra Klein offers a strong response to the right-place, right-time, right-attitude argument about George Washington’s greatness.  As president, he points out, Washington did have a variety of choices about how to proceed and opportunities...


X-Men: First Class

I thought X-Men: First Class was loads of fun, largely because of Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy. Here’s Jonathan Last with a pretty interesting post on mutant assimilation. On a more serious note, I...

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