Daily Archive: June 14, 2011


Loving At 44

Forty-four years ago today*, the U.S. Supreme Court announced its decision in the famous case of Loving v. Virginia (1967) 388 U.S. 1. At the time, sixteen states outlawed interracial marriages. But on June...


The Perils of Writing about Greatness

I’ve wanted to respond to this Yglesias post on Ron Chernow’s Washington: A Life for some time now, but not until I finished the (audio)book.  He wrote: Ron Chernow’s Washington: A Life is a...


How the World Works?

Like that post on Haiti, I often put things in Off the Cuff just to ask, “Hey, what do y’all make of this?” So, in that vein, what do y’all make of this Vancouver...


At My Real Job: Targeted Killing and the Rule of Law

This month’s Cato Unbound features a lead essay by Ryan Alford of Ave Maria School of Law. It asks a very important question: When can the executive, acting alone, lawfully kill a citizen? The...


Insufficient evidence

A friend brought this opinion piece in the New York Times to my attention yesterday.  Dr. Karen Sibert, a stridently proud full-time anesthesiologist, argues that women who choose to work as part-time physicians are...

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