Daily Archive: June 13, 2011


No Sex Please, You Live In A Dorm

Seriously? The President of Catholic University thinks that going back to single-sex dorms is going to cut down on the number of undergraduates having sex, and therefore improve academic performance. (Via.) A few thoughts...


Post-GOP debate open thread

Some random thoughts: * Michele Bachmann was woefully under-used. Maybe my expectations were too high, but I was hoping — nay, praying — that tonight would be the taking-off point for Bachmentum 2012. No...


Sub-Blogs, Cross-posting, and format stuff

So there has been a good discussion of the purpose of sub-blogs, the frequency which sub-bloggers should cross-post, etc. in the last thread. I think sub-bloggers should use their good judgment, cross-posting their more...


No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

By way of Jonathan Adler, I came across this Gray Lady editorial concerning California’s renewable-energy mandate. Renewable energy means, for the most part, solar and wind power. The primary concern raised by the author...


Pressures from the Home Front

While Confederate women and civilians pressured their sons, husbands, brothers, and fellow-citizens into fighting, those men, like one lieutenant wrote, “asked himself the question: What is this all about?  Why is it that 200,000...

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