Daily Archive: June 9, 2011


Game of Thrones Bookclub (Week Three)

I want to talk about the Starks’ intelligence for a second now. Since the television series started I’ve seen a lot of online commentary saying that the Starks are pretty dumb. Obliviously stupid might...


How the World Works

In other news, the Obama administration seems to have pressured the Haitian government at the behest of contractors for American companies Levi Strauss and Haines to abandon a law they’d passed in 2009 to raise their minimum wage law...


Scattered thoughts on Weiner

1) One reason we keep talking about Anthony Weiner is because so many people keep complaining that we’re talking about Anthony Weiner. 2) The argument that people are “puritan” or “prudish” because we think...


Parliaments and Republics

In my introductory post I stated that one of the things I thought I could bring to The League was an outsider’s perspective to American debates.  Since the relative merits of parliamentary democracy vs....

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