Daily Archive: June 3, 2011


Lebron James Is Only What You Want Him To Be

Ta-Nehisi Coates thinks about the way we think about sports: Sports narratives strike me as a kind of modern mythology.  We see the players as the gladiators of our cities, as champions for our...


Where are the incumbents?

It’s incredible to me how many former officials support ending the Drug War. Why, it’s almost as if holding elected office made you… biased or something: The Global Commission on Drug Policy, which includes...


On death and dying

Jack Kevorkian has died.  From the obituary in the New York Times. From June 1990, when he assisted in the first suicide, until March 1999, when he was sentenced to serve 10 to 25...


Game of Thrones Bookclub: It’s not like the songs

The single most pivotal event in these chapters is Jamie Lannister throwing Bran off a tower ledge. This is the event that changes the course of the lives of basically every character we’ve met...

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