Daily Archive: May 31, 2011


Meanderings on the Liberal Arts Education and Humanities Major

~ by Anderson Tuggle In reading recent studies about the smaller salaries and employment numbers of students with humanities/area studies majors and, in turn, colleges cutting back these very programs (or, as Stanley Fish calls it, “The...


The Post Office’s Problems Aren’t Its Employee Costs

In the “What Else Is New” category of blog posts, Freddie takes Conor Friedersdorf to the woodshed for blaming the US Post Office’s problems primarily on high labor costs and suggesting that this proves...


How to Build a State

My posts on the Israel-Palestine question two weeks ago led to requests for a primer on the Palestinian Authority’s plan to request U.N. recognition in September.  This article (from Haaretz) provides just that, for those interested....


The Percentage Sign as a Signaling Device

As you know, politics is the mind-killer. A fully rational politics would rank the weight of all conceivable policy choices, considering their basic fairness, the costs and benefits they are expected to produce, and...

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