Daily Archive: May 19, 2011


Bullshit News vs. Real News: A User’s Guide

Ken at Popehat takes advantage of the revelation that the outrageously outrageing story of the mom giving her 8-year old beauty pageant daughter Botox treatments was a complete hoax to put forth a helpful...


Euripides: Hippolytos, lust and helplessness

Have we found a cure for lovesickness yet? Judging by our dramatic works, one might guess we had. Fictional characters seem to suffer all sorts of exaggerated ‘conflicts’- from owing the mob money they...


How to Think About John Demjanjuk

If John Demjanjuk’s conviction is—as seems likely—the final act of an international quest for justice that began shortly after the first Allied troops gazed in horror at the newly “liberated” death camps, it will...