Daily Archive: May 2, 2011


There Is No Offseason

by Lester Freamon Some people think that the division of American political culture into Team Red vs. Team Blue is simplistic or unnecessarily antagonistic. I don’t. This kind of tribal motivation, specifically the cultural...


Abandoned By Superman

by E.C. Gach Most fans of Superman will know that this past week, in Action Comics #900, the Man of Steel went from being a citizen of the U.S. to a citizen of the...



I was going to keep my damn mouth shut today, because, well, my attitude toward the news is May his name be blotted out! and it’s kind of hard to shake a grogger at...


The Dead

It’s really weird to me that people were celebrating in the streets, even if the death of a mass-murderer is welcome enough news. We should be demanding an end to the wars now that...


Sovereign Innocence

by Kyle Matthews One of the most exhalted and ubiquitous unchallenged truths of our time – is the pedestal occupying place of civilian “innocents.” The honest men and women who go about their lives...



U.S. officials said they would ensure bin Laden’s body would be handled in accordance with Islamic practice and tradition.